Worldwide Sourcing

Direct Source for End User

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Smartech perform as a platform for both direct source and end user in the worldwide level through our extensive global network. The company has warehouse and cooperative manufacturer in both Hong Kong and Mainland China; and strong sale network and partnership in Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, Europe and USA. Our electronic parts and accessories are sourced globally and are shipped to our headquarters in Hong Kong for cleaning and testing so as to ensure quality assurance of our products.


We buy regardless of good or bad market. We provide competitive market price whether demand is strong or weak. We cherish all our agreements and promises made to customers, partners, and suppliers. Most of the suppliers have been working with us for many years, we are happy to build up and maintain a mutually profitable and long term business relationship with our partners

Smartech is a purchasing agent, a sale representative, a manufacture factory, a quality control department, a R&D department or a forwarder for our customers. ---- Not the whole story, all above titles is not exactly what Smartech do.


Smartech is dedicated providing complete and accurate information of mobile phone parts and accessories in our local market to our suppliers and customers. We always make great effort to help our clients to get the right product at the right price and help them to win more business in their market. Therefore, we build up long-term and win-win relationships with all of our customers.


Smartech is a well-established enterprise with high integrity and great vision. We welcome partnership and cooperation with suppliers and clients across the world. We are open to discussion on various formats of joint venture or partnership, as long as it is a fair arrangement and provide win-win solution.

  1. Prompt payment to all suppliers.
  2. 100% information sharing
  3. Easy shipping
  4. wholesale level volume
  5. Stable and constant buyer
  6. Trust relationship
  7. Competitive prices.

We will always be reliable and trustworthy.